3 Door Design Trends You Can Try

Through the years, the humble entry door has remained largely the same in function. But, the looks and even the operation have changed dramatically. Homeowners have different tastes, and the best manufacturers of doors have been happy to oblige, introducing designs that get better as time goes by.

3 Door Design Trends You Can Try

While some door designs persist, there are also new styles that have gained respect and popularity. Every year, it seems, there are trends that govern the materials, designs and operation of new doors. For 2018, here are some door trends you may want to look at if you’re in the market for a replacement.

Flexible Doors

Doors, especially interior ones, are slowly becoming more flexible for room improvement. How so? Some truly wide-opening and folding designs are starting to gain favor as they provide easy access between rooms and a feeling of connectedness. The days of clear-cut rooms are slowly fading as homes today are slowly being integrated and partitioned only when necessary, and flexible doors are making the connection easier.

A Resurgence of Barn Doors

Your typical loft and barn-type doors are making their way into your home. Their sheer size and designs make them the focal point in many rooms. You may ask a door contractor to build a barn door for your home out of vintage wood and chalkboard panels to retain the classic feel even in a more contemporary setting. 

Glamorous Doors

A glamorously designed and exquisitely crafted and colored or stained door is just what you need to feel proud when you enter your home or to make your guests feel more intrigued and excited to see what’s behind that door. The aesthetics alone make it the most beautiful part of any home on your block. And if it’s sturdy like the doors we offer, it’s bound to last a long time, so you can enjoy the character it adds to your home for decades, perhaps even for a lifetime.

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