4 Signs You Need New Patio Doors

Even with proper care and maintenance, your old patio doors will eventually reach that point where they’re beyond repair. If you see the following signs, it might be a good idea to start doing research on new patio door options.

  1. Your Patio Doors Are Hard to Open and Close – Patio doors shouldn’t be hard to open unless they’re locked. This could either be a problem with the hardware or with the frame itself. Hardware issues can be fixed with a commercially available lubricant or rust remover, or can be easily replaced. However, if the frames are warped or bent from repeated exposure to extreme temperature, you might need new door sashes, if not a full replacement. Renewal by Andersen® patio doors solve this issue on both fronts thanks to our quality hardware and frame material.

  1. Your Patio Doors Are Making Noises – If your patio doors are making squeaking and grinding noises when you open or close them, it may also be related to age or frame integrity. Such noises are more common with sliding doors. Once you get a new sliding patio door, however, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

  1. You Feel Drafts Around the Patio Doors – This means the patio doors are not forming a tight seal when closed, a common problem with old patio doors. Condensation may also appear if the patio doors are allowing unwanted moisture into your home.

  1. Your Energy Bills Increase During Summer and Winter – Another consequence of old and leaky patio doors is it’s letting precious heat escape during winter and allowing it in during summer. When this happens, your heating and cooling systems consume more energy to compensate, resulting in higher monthly energy bills. When buying new patio doors, choose ones with certifications from ENERGY STAR® like the custom patio doors we offer at Renewal by Andersen.

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