5 Common Door Problems and How to Fix Them

You may not pay attention to your doors until they start causing issues. In fact, you might put off repairs, but in some cases you shouldn’t. Renewal by Andersen® of Quad Cities talks about five door issues and how to fix them.

5 Common Door Problems and How to Fix Them

1. Noisy Hinges

Hinges that squeak can be bothersome, but you can solve this problem using an item that’s readily available from your kitchen cupboards: olive oil. Simply lubricate the hinges using a rag or cotton swab. If you’re fresh out of olive oil, you can use other household items, such as petroleum jelly or baby oil.

It’s a good idea to have a scrap cloth under the hinges of the doors you’ll be fixing as oil tends to drip.

2. Worn Weather Strips

Since exterior doors are exposed to the elements more than any other door in your home, it makes sense that their weatherstripping will suffer the most. The damages can manifest as cracks, tears and even missing pieces. If you spot any of these issues, replace your weatherstripping right away.

3. Door Frames

Drifting door frames can usually be fixed by removing the hinge pin and bending it slightly using a hammer. Once you’ve returned the hinge pin to its place, the door should easily open. Otherwise, it might be time to contact your door contractor.

4. Screws

Screws that have come loose are most likely the result of worn wood. To fix this, you’ll need to drill a new hole. Depending on the severity of the issue, this task may or may not require professional help.

5. Latches

When the latch isn’t aligned with the strike plate, your door is less likely to stay latched. In this case, the strike plate needs to be adjusted so it’s aligned properly with the latch. Note that this method only works if the latch is in good condition.

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