French Doors: How They Have Stood the Test of Time

French doors are widely regarded for their ability to establish an indoor-outdoor connection of any home. Commonly found in traditional homes, they bring in natural light, provide ease of access to outdoor living areas and enhance even the plainest room.

French Doors: How They Have Stood the Test of Time

Their timeless appeal is the reason why many homeowners choose them for their home. Truly, they have stood the test of time. Renewal by Andersen® of Quad Cities, your local door contractor, fills you in on the long history of French doors.

How They Came to Be

It was during the seventeenth century when the concept of French doors began. It was during the time when France was at war with Italy. Back then, they were considered as “long windows” that reached the floor and were connected to small balconies. Constructed in pairs, the earlier versions of these features were made from wood and a single pane glass.

It was also around this time that Renaissance art and architecture were at their greatest heights with various changes occurring as a result of the birth of new ideas. The ancient Roman style influenced this period, which heavily relied on symmetry, proportion, geometry and emphasis to light. With these concepts in place, the French were able take advantage of the notion that doors can also function like windows.

How They Spread to Europe and the World Over

From there, they became a massive hit. They became an important architectural feature, so much so that the British later adopted them in their homes around the end of the century. Over the years, several advancements gave French doors the historic look that we are accustomed to today. Apart from the elaborate and intricate glass designs, they were made from wood and wrought iron, with the glass embedded in the structure.

How They Look Today

Today’s French doors still preserve their historic appearance, but with a focus on performance and energy efficiency. Renewal by Andersen® of Quad Cities, for one, offer doors that come with high-performance glass, low-maintenance finishes and interlocking systems. True enough, this type of patio door meshes both the old and the new.

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