Sliding vs. French: Which Patio Door Suits My Home?

Torn between getting a sliding or a French patio door? We created a nifty guide to help you identify what type of patio door is better for your home. Because at Renewal by Andersen® of Quad Cities, we aim to install the best quality door that will fit snugly with your existing exterior and house demand.

Sliding vs. French: Which Patio Door Suits My Home?


Space is a big factor to consider when choosing a patio door. You’ll have to lean toward sliding patio doors if you have limited space inside your house since this kind of door is known to free up floor space for appliances and furniture as it doesn’t need swing open.

But when you live in a home with plenty of space to spare, you’ll have no trouble installing the more traditional French patio doors. This patio door type swings inward or outward, and would need extra room to function smoothly.

Home Style

Your existing exterior plays a huge role in your choice of patio door type. For modern home styles, a sliding patio door works well with the architecture of your home.

For houses with a more traditional exterior, a French patio door is a perfect addition to your home. It complements the design of your house. You can even customize the hardware and transom windows to give your patio door a more unique touch.

Want the best of both worlds? We also offer a gliding French patio door style that lets you enjoy both the signature looks of a French patio door and the modern convenience of a sliding door.


Ease of operation is another factor to consider. It’s all about looking at the bigger picture more than just looks or function.

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