The Renewal by Andersen® Answer to Common French Door Issues

Many homeowners love French doors primarily for their iconic wide framing. Plus, they can fit into openings of all sizes, allowing single- and multiple-panel configurations. Resembling full-height casement windows in appearance and functionality, French doors open completely and provide maximum ventilation as well as great access. Thanks to their durable frames and several locking points, they contribute to security.

The Renewal by Andersen® Answer to Common French Door Issues

However, history shows that French doors usually come with downsides. Here’s how you can negate these problems with Renewal by Andersen® of Quad Cities modern French patio door systems:


The inherent disadvantage of hinged doors is they always need room to operate. Most units swing inward, requiring clear space to open and close seamlessly. If you have limited square footage, this can be a concern when it comes to decor, particularly furniture arrangement.

We solve this by offering outswing hinged patio door systems, conserving scarce interior area. In addition, our Frenchwood® patio doors are available in a space-saving format. Maintaining the classic, traditional look of French doors, our Frenchwood gliding doors easily slide on the Andersen patented® track rollers and occupy no surrounding space whatsoever.


Generally, the rollers of sliding doors last longer than the hinges of hinged French doors. Most of the weight of the active panel hang on those hinges, requiring frequent adjustment to preserve desired utility over time.

If you don’t want to deal with this mechanical concern down the road, any of our sliding patio door systems makes an excellent alternative. Apart from our gliding French door type, our contemporary door models offer ease of operation and minimized hardware issue potential. Properly supported by the track, the weight our active sliding door panels wouldn’t accelerate wear with years of use.

Energy Efficiency

In a two-panel French door configuration, the center area where the two units meet is often a leaky spot. This is hardly an issue with overlapping sliding doors.

At Renewal by Andersen of Quad Cities, energy efficiency is top of mind. All of our patio doors have an interlocking design with continuous weatherstripping to keep air infiltration to a minimum. When you activate our hinged French door five-point locking system, it allows for increased weathertightness. In fact, our products have outstanding National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) ratings to back our claims.

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