Tips to Choose the Right Entry Door Color

Picking a front door color can be surprisingly difficult. Choosing from countless options can be a good problem to have, but it also means that it’s all too easy to make a mistake. As the region’s trustworthy door contractor, Renewal by Andersen® of Quad Cities shares some expert tips:

Understand Color Theory Basics

Color selection isn’t purely based on your preferences. Although it’s imperative to go with the one you personally love, there’s actually a lot of science involved in the process. Not all colors make attractive combinations. Some appear incongruous next to each other.

To narrow down your best options, study the color wheel. It will show you which hues form enchanting color schemes. Also, the psychological effect of each hue depends on its quantity and interplay with others. Use the warmth, coolness or neutrality of your entry door color to round out your home design.

Take Cues From Your Home’s Style

Architectural norms have major influence on how entry doors should look. In many cases, homes predetermine (or limit) the exterior colors that can be used. If you live in a historic or conservative neighborhood, you can’t easily break away from tradition and ignore visual elements your home’s architectural style demands.

Think About Geography

Cultures and climates usually dictate the popularity of colors geographically. Find out which ones are the most common in your location. Drive around the neighborhood, and get inspiration from other homes. This way, you can pick a locally palatable color to make your front door stand out for the right reason.

Also, doors sporting colors that attract the eyes of casual observers increase home value. The character of your property may be your personality’s extension, but being likeable by as many people as possible is key to curb appeal.

The Renewal by Andersen of Quad Cities ProVia® doors come in an array of colors to help you make a bold statement with your home’s frontage. Call us at (844) 366-7784 now to schedule your free, in-home consultation. We serve clients in Bettendorf, IA, and nearby areas.