Two Front Doors: An Older Design Aesthetic

Most, if not all, homes only have single entry doors. However, that wasn’t the case back in the day. American homes built in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries had two front doors. It is not like double doors placed side-by-side – think French doors. These are two fixtures separated by a window or siding, and placed on a home’s facade.

Two Front Doors: An Older Design Aesthetic

Interesting Design Aesthetic

Homes with two front doors were usually around 1,300 square feet or less. Most of them were built in rural areas during the nineteenth century and then in urban areas in the early twentieth century. Many were built in southeastern states like Kentucky and Tennessee, though they are also found in other states, extending from Pennsylvania to Texas.

Potential Reasons for Having Two Front Doors

There is no exact reason as to why such homes had two separate doors. Despite this, there are speculations that may help explain this approach in home design. Here are some of them:

  • Lack of a Central Hallway Inside – Hallways are valuable components in homes situated in colder climates as they help keep drafts from going outside the home. This isn’t the case in warmer areas, where the less well-to-do settlers find it as a waste of space. They can’t afford to have one in their home, so having two doors opening to any front room would suffice.

  • Glass Was More Expensive Back Then –  The mass production of window panes didn’t come until the twentieth century. Though glass is available, it had to be shipped from Europe.

  • Symbol of Prosperity – It is probable that having two front doors is a status symbol, giving an impression that a home has more than one room.

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