When Should You Replace Your Sliding Doors?

Sliding glass doors enhance the value and appearance of any home as well as provide access to the outdoors. While sliding glass doors today are sturdy and made of better materials, there will come a time when you’ll have to replace yours.

When Should You Replace Your Sliding Doors?

Our team at Renewal by Andersen® of Quad Cities provides the three signs that indicate that you need to replace your old sliding glass doors.


These indicate air loss, a problem that translates into higher energy bills and a home severely lacking in energy efficiency. Apart from unwanted drafts, the presence of light spilling around the edges of your door also indicates that your door is no longer airtight. Another sign is condensation between the glass panes, which is a sure sign of seal failure.

Changing the weatherstripping may temporarily solve the issue. However, you should consider changing your entire sliding patio door as a long-term solution.

Difficult Operation

One of the best features of sliding doors is the ease with which they can be opened and closed. Once your sliding door starts becoming difficult to operate, it might be a sign that the tracks have become clogged or that the rollers have gotten stuck. Cleaning the tracks and rollers might help. However, replacing the door might be the better choice.


Visible damage, whether from deterioration due to age or exposure to the elements, greatly affects the performance of your doors. Keep in mind that sliding glass doors should offer security just as much as they provide natural light.

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