Renewal by Andersen® Products Now Come With Black Interiors

If you want dark colors in your home, you’ll be glad to know that Renewal by Andersen® windows and doors now come with black interiors. It’s an exciting addition to our impressive, long-lasting color palette, giving you more latitude in customizing your replacement units. In line with this, black hardware is also the latest addition to our standard offerings for operating window styles.

What does this great news mean for you? Here’s how windows and patio doors with black interior can improve the appearance of your home:

Making Your Interior Trendy

Black framing (on both the interior and exterior) is one of the hottest window trends today. The cleanliness and simplicity of this dark hue lends more drama to any home design and coexists harmoniously with any colors. But unlike other trends that come and go, black is actually timeless. It would never go out of fashion even if home designers try to change the norm again in the future.

Adding Energy to Your Space

Bay and bow windows in black stand out because the dark hues unceasingly draw the eye. When there’s a high contrast between them and light-colored walls and other design elements, the combination would create a bold environment. If you want to make your room feel more alive, using black in small quantities is a great strategy.

Highlighting Views

Speaking of being apparent, black-framed and -trimmed windows and doors make stunning views even more enchanting. The panoramas they capture can become instant, focal points, giving your outdoor landscapes the appreciation they deserve.

Creating an Illusion of Richer Architecture

Is your home design rather bland? Coloring the frames of your double-hung, sliding, picture, specialty and casement windows with black would introduce some architectural flair. The darkness of black could produce an air of mystery, tricking the eye into believing that there’s something more going on in the design. The perception of richer, textural elements generated by the color black can make up for your home’s actual lack of interesting details.

Learn more about Renewal by Andersen’s window and patio door interior-exterior color combination possibilities along with other customization options. Call us at (844) 366-7784 now to schedule your free, in-home consultation to talk about your project. We proudly serve Rock Island, IL, and other nearby areas.