4 Reasons You Should Replace Your Windows in Summer

As the weather becomes warmer, many homeowners start working on different home renovation projects. With longer days, summer is the perfect season to replace the faulty components of your home. 

4 Reasons You Should Replace Your Windows in Summer

Here are four of the reasons window replacement is best done during summer.

1. Nicer Weather – Window replacement exposes your home to different elements. Imagine removing an old window when it’s freezing outside. Spring isn’t really an ideal time with all the rain. Severe weather conditions can disrupt or delay the job. Keep in mind that caulking may not properly adhere to certain exterior types in cold temperatures. You can stay comfortable while the work is being done on a sunny day. It also prepares your home for the colder and rainy months to come.

2. Less Noise – Unwanted noise can easily pass through old or damaged windows. New windows can help reduce outdoor noise and create a quieter indoor environment.

3. Lower Energy Costs – Energy-efficient windows reduce heat transfer through the glass. This keeps your home cool while reducing your energy costs. Windows from Renewal by Andersen® of Quad Cities feature High Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass that’s 70% more energy-efficient in the summer compared to an ordinary dual-pane glass.

4. Protection – A ball from kids who are playing outside may crash into your windows and break them. Older windows are more likely to break on impact compared to newer window options. Choose highly impact-resistant windows to protect your home from damaged caused by high winds, debris or other issues.

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