4 Similarities Between Fiberglass and Steel Entry Doors

When you’re installing new entry doors in your home, you can choose between various kinds of materials, such as wood, aluminum and vinyl. However, there are two kinds of entry door materials that are steadily gaining popularity over the others: fiberglass and steel.

Here are the four similarities between fiberglass and steel entry doors that puts them on equal footing.

1. Security – Every homeowner wants to  prevent would-be intruders from entering their homes. Thankfully, by installing fiberglass or steel entry doors, you can do just that as both provide a significant amount of additional security for your home due to their solid construction.

2. Endurance – Both fiberglass and steel entry doors are touted for their endurance. According to experts, unlike wood doors, fiberglass entry doors won’t shrink, warp, split, crack or delaminate, making them ideal for homes that are located in harsh or humid climates. Steel entry doors, on the other hand, won’t warp or crack, thanks to their lack of organic material.

3. Beauty – Are you looking to further increase your home’s overall aesthetic appeal? If so, then you can opt for either fiberglass or steel entry doors for your home. This is because both materials can easily mimic the defined grain of authentic wood, and they come in a wide variety of wood grain textures and paint finishes, further increasing your home’s curb appeal and property value.

4. Energy efficiency – On the other hand, if you want to lower your monthly energy bills, then consider installing either fiberglass or steel entry doors. With their similar ability to keep out the winter chill and the summer heat, both materials are engineered to be highly energy-efficient, allowing you to save a significant amount every month on your energy costs.

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