Automated Technology for Windows

Many homeowners are integrating automated technology into their homes, especially on doors and windows. An example is the VeriLock® system by Andersen® Corporation, which allows customers to manage the security options of their products through a smartphone or tablet.

In this post, your local windows contractor, Renewal by Andersen® of Quad Cities, discusses what this technology means for the fenestration industry and customers.

Home Automation

More and more homeowners are becoming interested in smart home technology as it allows them to maintain their living space’s comfort at the touch of a button. It also gives them peace of mind on the security of their homes because they can manage windows or doors via smart devices no matter where they are.

Automated technology lets you control certain features of your windows and doors. Andersen’s VeriLock system is unique in the industry as it features sensors that detect lock and unlock modes. This means you’ll know whether your doors and windows are opened, closed, locked or unlocked. These sensors can be integrated into a professionally monitored security system or a self-monitoring home automation system. The system can be controlled by a security system keypad, smartphone or tablet.

The VeriLock security sensors from your leading replacement windows company help maximize the energy efficiency of your home. Closed and locked windows lose less air compared to closed but unlocked windows.

Automation and the Fenestration Industry

Education in this field is necessary to meet the growing demands of homeowners.

“We’re putting together a continuous education course for architects or even glaziers or installers, automation contractors,” Matt Sieberg, Functional Fenestration’s marketing manager said. They aim to improve actuators and control systems, and how these can interact with building management systems.

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