Debunking Myths About Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are straightforward in form and function. However, like other parts of the home, you should learn all you can about them to fully understand what they can do for you and what you can expect from investing in one. So, it’s important to debunk some myths surrounding these doors.

Sliding Doors Are Ugly

Not true. While sliding doors are not as ornate as French entry doors, they can hold their own ground in the looks department. Thanks to advancements in technology, framing options are more varied than ever, with composites like the Renewal by Andersen® Fibrex®, material for example, which beautifully mimics the natural charm of wood. Over time, however, sliding doors will deteriorate. If yours is looking less than appealing, it may be time to invest in a new sliding door.

Sliding Doors With Big Panels Are Hard to Operate

Also not true! Newer models today feature hardware and engineering solutions that make sliding doors move as smooth as butter, optimizing lift-slide movements for effortless operation. Hassle-free usage, however, will also require maintenance. Fortunately, quality sliding door options today are designed to be nearly maintenance free, needing no more than a regular cleaning to stay easy to operate.

Work with a trusted door contractor, however, and you won’t have to worry about problems with sliding doors! Renewal by Andersen of Quad Cities, with our quality selection of sliding doors and expert workmanship, are confident we have what it takes to address your door needs exactly. Got questions about sliding doors? Ask away!

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