Enjoy Your Windows and Your Privacy at the Same Time

Having more or larger windows in your home can make it a challenge to maintain your privacy. For a homeowner, enjoying the daylighting, the views and the breeze is often a delicate balancing act when you factor in the need to shield the home from prying eyes.

Enjoy Your Windows and Your Privacy at the Same Time

Renewal by Andersen® of Quad Cities, the expert replacement windows contractor, offers some ideas to help you blend privacy with your enjoyment of bigger or additional windows. Your concern for privacy shouldn’t be a hindrance to the kind of windows you want to make your home truly yours.

Use a Screen

Installing screens on your windows increases your privacy without sacrificing the benefits of having beautiful, large or numerous windows. A good screen also protects your home from bugs while also looking classy.

Choose Your View

You may use “obstructions” to shield your indoors from curious neighbors. Frosted glass is one way to go. It can make your indoors visible only from a certain angle or not at all. We can also install windows on wall openings that are not easily seen through because of their positioning. For example, you can have larger windows on higher floors of your home. To make it more difficult to see into your rooms, add screens or sheer curtains that don’t stop the breeze or limit the sun, but prevent onlookers from seeing anything through them.

Use Patterns

Intricate patterns on the glass installed on your windows can also serve to protect your home from prying eyes. They allow plenty of daylighting, but it’s impossible to see through them. It truly is the best of both worlds.

As your local replacement windows company, we can help you achieve the benefits of having large or multiple windows without sacrificing privacy. Contact us at (844) 366-7784 today. We serve homeowners around Davenport, IA.