Full-Frame vs. Insert Window Replacement

Replacing your old windows can improve your home’s appearance and energy efficiency. You have different options when it comes to window replacement, and this includes the installation method. 

Full-Frame vs. Insert Window Replacement

You have two options for installation: full-frame and insert window replacement.

Full-Frame Window Replacement

With full-frame window replacement, the old unit is completely removed, and a new window is installed in the opening. This lets professionals inspect and repair any problems with the opening. With this option, you can choose a different window size and style. However, this may involve the removal of interior and exterior trim or the siding.

Full-frame window replacement is a more complex process, but helps in detecting water damage and rot. This option offers more flexibility if you want a new window style or to replace existing windows with doors. Full-frame replacement is usually required for vinyl and severely damaged frames.

Insert Window Replacement

New windows are installed within an old frame in insert window replacement. It’s also called “frame-in-frame” or “pocket window”. It’s a good option if your existing frames are still in good condition. During the process, the sash, operating hardware and covers are removed before the new windows are installed.

The installation is faster compared to a full-frame window replacement as the trim and siding aren’t affected. You can choose this option if you don’t want to change your window size and style. Keep in mind that insert window replacement can’t be done with vinyl windows because of the structure of the vinyl frame.

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