How Do You Know If Your Windows Were Improperly Installed?

A poorly installed door or window can allow energy to escape from your home, resulting in higher utility bills. They provide easy access to elements, making your interior spaces more vulnerable to damage.

Here’s how you can determine if your window was installed incorrectly.


You can easily notice gaps in your windows by looking between the frame and sill. These indicate that your windows weren’t measured correctly. It means that the window frame is too big for the glass or the installer installed a glass that’s a similar size to the frame’s measurements.

You don’t have to worry about this issue when you choose Renewal by Andersen® of Quad Cities for your French patio door or window installation. Before the day of installation, our factory-trained professionals will visit your home to take complete measurements. After installation, we will check if your windows operate smoothly. Also, we’ll find and fill any small gaps between your windows and the house frame with special insulation foam to prevent drafts.  

Drafts & Moisture

Moisture and air can pass through poorly installed windows. Drafts indicate a lack of insulation, resulting in higher energy costs. Look for signs of water damage, such as bubbling paint or wallpaper, mold growth, pooling water and nasty smells. Address these issues immediately because water damage can cause rot and deterioration. 

Foggy Glass

Condensation between window panes is a sign of window seal failure or faulty installation. There is a chance that the window seal was compromised during installation if you can’t remove the condensation on your new windows. 

Messy Caulking

Caulk seals and weatherproofs windows. The sides and top of your windows should have an even layer of caulk. Patchy or messy caulk is a sign that the installer rushed the process. 

Whether you need a sliding patio door replacement or energy-efficient windows, Renewal by Andersen of Quad Cities is here to help. All our products come with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Call us at (309) 644-4769, or complete our online form for a free consultation. We serve homeowners in Moline, IA.