How Safe Are Your Windows?

Understanding some basic safety measures surrounding your windows could mean the difference between good fortune and complete tragedy. You could prevent (and survive) some of the most common household disasters by making sure that all parts of your home are tailored toward safety, and this includes your replacement windows.

How Safe Are Your Windows?

Admittedly, a window safety check is far from simple for most homeowners. That’s why our experts at Renewal by Andersen® of Quad Cities offer these important points to always ask yourself when inspecting your windows for safety issues.

In Case of Emergency

Local building codes vary by jurisdiction; however, in almost all places, a room is required to always have both an ingress and egress point in case of emergencies. For bedrooms, the role of egress points could be filled by certain styles of windows. Bow windows with panes and openings large enough for a person to get through can satisfy code requirements for egress. Consult with your contractor about safety concerns regarding entries and exits when doing a replacement.

Accident Prevention

Children falling out of windows are a very real danger, particularly for homes with more than one story. You can avoid these types of accidents by keeping all windows closed when there is a small child in the room. Alternatively, you could also customize your windows with grilles to further lessen the risk.

Security Issues

Renewal by Andersen offers a multitude of customization options spanning color, trim style and glazing. Perhaps, one of the more underlooked features, however, are grilles. Grilles are a great way to help add a layer of security to your home while also prevent falling accidents. You can install them on a wide variety of windows like picture or casement windows. Remember to add an operable section to always provide an egress point in case of an emergency.

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