How to Choose the Best Hardware for Your New Windows

Many people regard window hardware as an afterthought or, perhaps, something that adds more to form than function. Yet, hardware is extremely important, and you must choose it carefully.

Types of Window Hardware

Window hardware can be generally defined as anything that isn’t made glass or of the same material as the frame. They can be divided into three categories.

  1. Sash hardware — While all operable windows have sashes, this category refers to those that are slid along the frame, such as double hung and sliding windows. This includes sash locks, lifts and stops, all of which enable an easy grip for easy operation. Double hung windows typically have counterweights hidden in the frame, which helps reduce the required effort to open and close the sashes.

  2. Casement hardware — Casement hardware applies to hardware used on hinged window styles, such as casement, transom and awning windows. These windows are traditionally hinged at one of the sides, with operator arms that support the window sash. Ask your replacement windows contractor if their casement windows are hinged from the side or have reach-around sashes. The latter is designed to allow easy cleaning and maintenance.

  3. Security hardware — Standard locks and latches can be enhanced with optional security hardware. Hinged window styles can be enhanced with multi-point latches. Sliding and double hung window sashes can be locked into place sash stops.

Choosing Styles and Finishes

Window hardware comes in virtually any style, color and finish, giving you a wide palette of customization options. It goes without saying that the hardware style should be appropriate to the window and home styles. You probably wouldn’t want to choose sleek brushed metal hardware for your traditional style home.

If you have an opportunity to visit a replacement window company’s showroom, ask them for samples of hardware, and match it against color samples. Computer displays and printed matter do not always accurately represent certain colors and finishes, and the only way to appreciate them is by seeing them in person.

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