Interior Design: Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office

Creating the right environment in your home office can be tricky. It can’t be too cozy – otherwise, you’re not likely to get anything done. It can’t be too formal or resemble your real office too much either – otherwise, what’s the point of having a home office?

To help you strike the right balance between that homey and professional feel, here are some interior design tips.

Set Up Your Work Desk Near the Windows

It’d be a good idea to set your home office a few feet away from your windows. Natural light can help give you your daily dose of Vitamin D, improve your mood and brighten up your office. However, don’t place your work desk too close to the windows: the proximity can leave your devices vulnerable to the heat and cold coming from the glass.

Include Smooth Elements in Your Home Office

Interior designers also recommend including some smooth elements like colorful pots and bowls, a sanded wood desk and glass accents in your home office. These reflect natural light, making it seem like your home office is more spacious than it actually is.

If you want to add a personal touch to your home office, you can give your drywall a fresh coat of paint or install replacement windows with a unique style like bow windows.

Choose a Room With a Nice View 

To make the most of your new replacement windows, make sure to set up your home office in a room with a nice view.

Need new windows for your home office?

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