Setting Standards for Windows and Doors

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and its predecessor organizations have tirelessly worked on crafting performance standards for windows and doors. These standards have become important to builders, homeowners and other property owners since they often serve as a guide to purchasing and choosing materials.

So, it’s important to understand how industry standards for windows and doors are developed.

How Standards Are Created

AAMA established an open consensus process to develop standards for windows and doors. In the organization, there are four levels of groups that work on the document development process. A standard can be drafted at any group level, but ultimately a broad-based consensus is achieved through balloting.

So, once a draft is completed, it is submitted for a ballot to all members of the original developing group. Once the draft is approved at that level, the ballot is sent for upper-level balloting and so on. Several iterations will usually be done before reaching a final, acceptable consensus version. Once that is reached, the final version is balloted to the appropriate product group and posted on the AAMA website for anyone to comment. All comments must be resolved before the document can move forward in the process.

How You Can Be More Involved

Members typically have their own areas of expertise whether it’s window or door products. While expert opinions are essential, it is also encouraged for any member who receives the ballot to speak their mind. This allows the organization to gather more ideas and anticipate potential issues from a different standpoint.

This is only one way of being more involved in the development of standards. Other means include volunteering to join in the deliberations of the task group or committee, which can be done in person or virtually.

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