Things to Consider While Shopping for Kitchen Windows

Choosing a window for a room where moisture is easily trapped like your kitchen is more complicated than choosing one for a regular living space. Windows provide crucial ventilation that can prevent the room from becoming too damp, which can lead to more serious problems, the least of which are respiratory problems and mold. 

Renewal by Andersen® of Quad Cities, a top window and door contractor in the state, lists some of the things you need to consider before choosing a kitchen window.

Window Dimensions 

Kitchen windows play a key role in preventing the build-up of moisture as well as any noxious fumes and smoke in the kitchen. To ensure there will be enough air circulation, the kitchen window’s opening should be at least 1/20 of the floor area of the kitchen.

There will be times, however, when the smoke coming from the stovetop pots fills the kitchen faster than the rate at which natural ventilation via your kitchen windows and doors can let it out. To prevent this, it’s necessary to install additional sources of ventilation like mechanical extractor fans.

On the plus side, if you do decide to install a mechanical ventilation system that can supply at least 40 cubic feet per minute of fresh air, the required area for your windows is reduced to 2.5% of the kitchen floor space, and the minimum openable area is lowered to 5.5 square feet.

Building and Safety Requirements 

Local building codes have established guidelines for the placement of windows in the kitchen. As a general rule, kitchen windows are required to be at least 12 inches away from the range to prevent scenarios like the curtains catching fire or a sudden gust blowing out the flames on a gas burner.

Kitchen Color Scheme 

Of course, your new window has to also complement the dominant colors in your kitchen. Try experimenting with bold patterns set against a backdrop of solid colors.

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