Window Condensation: Should You Be Worried?

Every now and then, you might notice that your windows are sweating. This is actually condensation, and it often occurs during the cold winter months. Whenever the warm indoor air of your home meets the cold surface of your windows, condensation will develop on your glass. Some homeowners don’t pay this issue much heed, but some say that you should actually be concerned.

Should You Be Concerned About Window Condensation?

The short answer to this question is yes, you should indeed be concerned about window condensation. This is because moisture buildup can cause the paint on your windows to peel and framing materials to deteriorate. Apart from that, moisture on exterior walls can also encourage fungi, mold and mildew to grow around your home.

If you’ve been seeing condensation for a while, it’s possible that you need to call a replacement windows contractor to install brand-new windows in your home.

Can You Replace Your Windows During the Winter Season?

Some homeowners tend to make the mistake of putting off their window replacement plans until after the winter season, allowing moisture to infiltrate their home and warm air to escape, causing their heating bills to skyrocket. However, it is actually possible to replace your windows during the winter, especially with the aid of an experienced window installation contractor. In fact, there are a few benefits to doing so, such as discounts on labor and materials, easier scheduling and energy savings for the season.

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